Frederick 'Toots' Hibbert (right) pledges continued support to the Jamaica Cancer Society as he donates US $5,000 (J$400,000) to the institution on December 16. Sharing in the moment are (from left) Mrs. Carol Blair Administrative Director and Mr. Michael Leslie Accounting Manager of the Jamaica Cancer Society.

The Toots Foundation has donated Two Million Jamaican Dollars to aid local charities and launch its activities in Jamaica with the first cheque presentation made on December 19, 2008 to his childhood school May Pen Primary where its principal Mrs. Nicholson was pleased to accept the contribution from former student and international music icon Frederick “Toots” Hibbert.

Having grown from the youngest of 7 children raised inMay Pen, Jamaica to an internationally beloved recording star, Toots has never forgotten his roots. The Foundation will raise money for the benefit of underprivileged children throughout the world but primarily in Jamaica.

The Toots Foundation is a non-profit corporation whichhas received exempt status pursuant to IRS CodeSection 501(C)(3). The Foundation seeks to join withsimilar philanthropic organizations with similarcharitable goals to avoid duplication of services andcoordinate efforts to remediate common problems.

Other charitable institutions and organizations receiving gifts from the Toots Foundation were the Jamaica Cancer Society, Bustamante Children’s Hospital, Victoria Jubilee Hospital and the Salvation Army School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

“It is a wonderful surprise for us to receive this unexpected gift from the Toots Foundation and an encouragement to continue our work knowing that there are those out there who care and will help us to help others” said Principal Iyeke Erharuyi of the Salvation Army School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. The donation will be used to purchase a much needed Braille laser printer and other equipment.

Both Bustamante and Victoria Jubilee/KPH will utilizetheir donation to purchase critical equipment, beds andother essentials

The Toots, respected as a world class artiste and musician with a large, enthusiastic and loyal international fan base, will promote major fund raising concerts to raise money for the foundation and donate $1.00 from each ticket sold on his U.S. concerts. Anyone who has ever experienced Toots proclaiming “tonight we are all family” understands the depth of Toots’ commitment to helping those in need.

According to Toots, “the Foundation will increase activities in Jamaica in 2009 with special fundraising concerts planned and assistance to more worthwhile causes and I encourage all the entertainers to get involved with helping others”. The Toots Foundation is committed to working with key organizations focused on enabling and encouraging youth to take responsibility for themselves and providing assistance through education and skills trailing to improve their lives and their communities.

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